Waste utilization


According to the Environmental Law of Lithuanian Republic, UAB Avesco Lithuania, the same as other companies, is obliged to collect and utilize accumulators and oil oddments that are left after Cat machines maintenance and repair works. We collect it absolutely for free at any of UAB Avesco Lithuania office ar Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda.

Seeking to securely handle that kind of dangerous construction waste we signed a contract with UAB Žalvaris, that is utilizing it in a proper way.

Please also note, that if you want to utilize dangerous construction waste that is left NOT after repair and maintenance works of Cat equipment, please call UAB Žalvaris or other waste utilization company.

Please also note, it is strictly forbidden to:

  • Mix used oil with other waste or materials;
  • Burn used oil oddments if you do not have special license to perform such kind of actions;
  • Pass oil waste to the companies (or persons), that do not have a license to manage/utilize this kind of waste.

Possible/legal ways to utilize oil waste:

  • Pass oil waste to the companies that have license to utilize dangerous oil waste;
  • Let the company that is making maintenance works of an equipment handle oil waste.