Cat maintenance kits

Cat® maintenance kit is a perfect choice, when you want make maintenance works by yourself. Now, thanks to this kit, engine maintenance works can be done easier and quckier than before. In one carefully packed kit you will find all necessary spare parts and maintenance materials that are crucial for engine maintenance: filters, oil, grease. You will use only original Cat parts and materials. This way you will ensure longlife of your machine engine. 

Why choose Cat maintenance kit?

  1. Minimize risk of engine failure that is unavoidable when using non original spare parts and maintenance materials. All Cat maintenance materials are 100% original and manufactured according to strict Caterpillar quality standard.
  2. Save time, because shipping of a kit will take only 1-2 working days and will cost you nothing.
  3. Don’t stop your works, because your Cat dealer will take care of everything: from selecting right content of you kit (according to your machine engine) to shipping.

How to order Cat maintenance kit?

  1. When planning maintenance works for your machine, call UAB Avesco Lithuania and order Cat maintenance.
  2. We will select right spare parts and maintenance materials according to your machine engine. Your ordered maintenance kit will be packed and sent to you the same day of ordering.
  3. You will receive your kit next day after ordering. Whole ordering and shipping takes 1-2 day

Cat maintenance kit – easier way to perform your machine service works!