Satellite tracking

VisionLink Satellite Tracking

Survelliance and full monitoring helps you take the guesswork out of equipment management. When you know where your machine is, what it’s doing and how it’s performing, you can maximize your efficiency and lower your operating costs. Product Link helps you get that information to the right people — at the right time — to improve your bottom line results.

Just a few clicks in the web-based VisionLink interface enable you to find, track and manage all of your equipment using data provided by Product Link hardware. Powered by Trimble, VisionLink gives you easy, intuitive access to comprehensive information about your equipment’s performance and condition — without data overload. Plus, you can customize alerts, so whatever needs your attention, gets it.


Product Link offers an option for satellite or cellular network coverage based on your regional requirements. It enables comprehensive and flexible remote monitoring, asset tracking, maintenance management and more.

Hardware is integrated into equipment, interacting with system electronic control modules to ensure everything on your equipment is communicating with you.

The VisionLink application allows you to see data from all of your assets and has mixed fleet capabilities, so you can monitor regardless of make and model. Thanks to the VisionLink API service, this data can be seamlessly integrated into other business software—allowing you to gather the information once and use it in different applications.


  • See your equipment at a glance with the Fleet Summary view
  • Find specific equipment quickly with the powerful mapping tool
  • Customize views for specific groups of assets, all equipment on a site, equipment that is due for service and more


  • Locate and zoom in on a single piece of equipment simply
  • Track asset movement over any specified time period
  • See fuel status, working time vs. idle time, upcoming service needs and more


  • Plan and track maintenance—start with built-in Caterpillar recommended service intervals and customize to match your needs
  • See which services have been performed and what is due in order to avoid overdue or missed service and maintenance
  • Click directly through to Cat PartStore™ to make service and maintenance even easier with 24/7 parts ordering capabilities


  • Get real-time alerts, including notification on service due, movement into or out of a site boundary and asset operation during specified times
  • Configure alerts to be sent via SMS text or email to those who need to know
  • See all of your specified alerts on one screen and prioritize the information that matters to you most
  • Pinpoint alert locations and identify potential site issues with GPS tags

Product Link gives you timely, useful information about your equipment’s performance — right now — so you can better manage your assets and costs. It really does pay to know Product Link.