Diesel generators and solutions

Caterpillar is the world's largest manufacturer of high-speed diesel generator sets and engines, offering the largest range of specifications available. 

Cat diesel generator sets produce a reliable power, which is matched only by the power that backs them. Official Cat dealer UAB Avesco Lithuania is equipped with everything you need, from installing and configuring your Cat generator set to maintaining peak performance for the life of the product. System selection assistance, equipment training, parts, service expertise and maintenance programs are available wherever and whenever you need them.


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Three phase gensets

Power (kVa, 50 Hz) Model Specification
9,5 kV DE9.5E3 (PDF)
13,5 kV DE13.5E3 (PDF)
18 kVA DE18E3 (PDF)
22 kVA DE22E3 (PDF)
33 kVA DE33E0 (PDF)
50 kV DE50E0 (PDF)
55 kVA DE55E0 (PDF)
65 kVA DE65E0 (PDF)
88 kVA DE88E0 (PDF)
110 kVA DE110E2 (PDF)
165 kVA DE165E0 (PDF)
200 kVA DE200E0 (PDF)
218 kVA DE220E0 (PDF)
300 kVA DM7522 (PDF)
350 kVA DM2269 (PDF)
400 kVA DM2273 (PDF)
450 kVA DEM0426 (PDF)
500 kVA DM8491 (PDF)
550 kVA DM8495 (PDF)
605 kVA DM9820 (PDF)
660 kVA DM9822 (PDF)
700 kVA DM9824 (PDF)
750 kVA DM0629 (PDF)
800 kVA DM0630 (PDF)
900 kVA DM1909 (PDF)
1250 kVA DM8218 (PDF)
1400 kVA DM8221 (PDF)
1500 kVA DM8027 (PDF)
1600 kVA DM8045 (PDF)
1750 kVA DM8230 (PDF)
1875 kVA DM8248 (PDF)
2000 kVA DM8366 (PDF)
2250 kVA DM8347 (PDF)
2500 kVA DM8371 (PDF)
2687,5 kVA DM5404-06 (PDF)
3000 kVA DM8719 (PDF)
3100 kVA DM8725 (PDF)
3575 kVA DM5537-01 (PDF)
5375 kVA DM5411-06 (PDF)
7150 kVA DM5538-01 (PDF)

Single phase gensets

Power (kVa, 50 Hz) Model Specifications
7,5 kVA DE7.5E3S (PDF)
11 kVA DE11E3S (PDF)
14 kVA DE14E3S (PDF)
16,5 kVA DE16E3S (PDF)
26 kVA DE26E0S (PDF)
40 kVA DE40E0S (PDF)
50 kVA DE50E0S (PDF)
55 kVA DE55E3S (PDF)
90 kVA DE90E3S (PDF)

Cat diesel generator set features (50 Hz, Standby mode):

  • ratings from 7,5 kVA to 7150 kVA;
  • powered by Cat engines;
  • wide range of factory-designed options;
  • easy to specify, permit, install and test;
  • world-class fuel efficiency and low life-cycle costs;
  • excellent transient response and steady state performance;
  • emissions compliance with most worldwide regulations;
  • single source and turnkey support from the Cat® Dealer network.

Diesel genset solutions

Power modules
Cat Power Modules are rugged, easy to transport and easy to use.
These utility grade modules are prototype tested ready for use in single or multiple unit installations.


Engine modelPower, kVA (50 Hz)
C32 1000
3516 B 2000
C175-16 2825

ISO energy containers

At Caterpillar, customer has a possibility to order Cat Energy Container, either shipped loose or with generator set installed. It is a great possibility for those who prefer to select all necessary standard features of their generator by themselves. These ISO Containers are CSC certificated for low cost convenient transport. These containers feature fuel tanks, internal lighting, and sound level of 85dB(A) at 1 meter or 3 meters.  


ISO container size (m) Engine model Fuel tank (l)
6.1x2.44x2.93 C15/C18/3412 1000
6.1x2.44x2.93 C32 400
9.14x2.44x2.93 C32 1750
12.2x2.44x2.93 3512 2500