Caterpillar Quarry Days 2017: “SMART Quarrying – Built for It”

During the Quarry Days organised by Caterpillar® from 12 to 14 June in Malaga, Spain, clients of Avesco from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia participated and attended demonstrations of the newest machinery, and obtained knowledge on the latest developments by Caterpillar.  

The first morning of the event was spent familiarising with presentations about technological solutions, digital quarry development opportunities, no-pilot aircraft services and a tool for idle time management, all these solutions have been developed to improve the efficiency of quarry operations and to save fuel. During other half of the day, in the lecture hall (Grand-Stand), demonstration of payload management was organised, followed by developments in the range of Caterpillar Quarry products, especially emphasising the new products: Cat® 986K and 745. The first day ended with the research of quarry efficiency, highlighting the practice of loading and transporting and how different practices can impact efficiency, fuel consumption and maintenance and exploitation costs. During the second day, the audience was familiarised with safety solutions and introduction to remote control solutions for quarry’s “Advanced Productivity”. The event was closed with a 60 minutes long demonstration of machinery that included all range of Caterpillar quarry machinery and solutions for quarries.

According to General Director of Avesco in the Baltics Wolfram Söhnel, the visit to the training centre is the biggest benefit, as the clients could obtain useful information and advice that can be later used and implemented in their daily work. Tests of machinery units and their comparison are conducted on the field, therefore clients can see the results instantly, as well as they can compare their experience in using the machinery units. As it was indicated by one of the clients of Avesco UAB: “Now I know, how work process will change in my company.” This proves that professional advice and tests conducted on site and in the quarry, provide a valuable experience to clients to ensure accurate use of their machinery fleet. 

Of course, the largest machinery units, for example, Cat 992k or Cat 777G are not characteristic of the Baltic market, however, the new wheel loader 950 GC caused interest, especially comparing it to the well-known Cat 950.

Caterpillar demonstration and training centre takes up more than 260ha space in Costa del Sol in southern Spain. Thanks to the professional team, specialised training instructors, operators and support staff, the training centre of Caterpillar in Malaga is a unique place to organise trainings, demonstrations of machinery and other educating activities in a relaxing atmosphere.