Avesco Cat Power Provides Support to NATO.

Rudolfs Borhards

Do More Than Asked

This summer, Latvia hosted the NATO military exercise “Saber Strike 2017”. It is an annual high-level international Readiness Action Plan and Alliance Guarantee Event implemented by USAEUR (US Army in Europe). Several thousand militarists has been taking part in this military exercise, which has been organised since 2010 and takes place across the entire Baltic Region. This year, Latvia took the role of the leading country of the exercise of allied land and air forces. Over 2,000 soldiers from Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Norway, Great Britain, Poland and Slovakia, as well as USA participated in the exercise. During the event, cooperation of member countries, their readiness and combat possibilities are improved, as well as the ability of allies to ensure fast response and move forces across the region is demonstrated.

During Siber Strike 2017, the Aveco Latvia Cat Power system team provided assistance within the framework of RLS Ops (Real Life Support Operations), assisting in two LSA (Life Support Area) points and supplying electricity to the place of location of USMC (US Marine Corps) in Ventspils and Ādaži, where the number of soldiers reached up to 900 persons.

Once daily trainings started, the Avesco Cat Power systems team concluded that the power supply layouts previously installed for the exercise would not ensure secure energy supply suitable for a training camp, and showed initiative by undertaking the duties of a camp territory supervisor that exceeded the company’s duties stipulated by the contract.  Avesco SIA employees re-planned and constructed a power supply unit compliant with the special needs of a military camp, thus ensuring the continuous operation of the camp. Ronnie Hofstadter, Senior Project Manager at NATO Support and Procurement Agency, assesses these actions as the best team performance over the entire period of organisation of Siber Strike so far, particularly in cooperation with a civil partner.

“I would like to particularly emphasise Mr. Rūdolfs Borhards. During the exercise, Rūdolfs was appointed as a contact person in the LSA Ventspils point and fulfilled his duties exemplarily. His high qualification combined with the will to undertake responsibility and ability to work in a team, as well as positive “I can” attitude, made him a highly valuable asset for our camp. His devotion, great experience and will to take over duties could be noticed at the highest levels as well, and I am proud to say that I, as an officer of US Marine Corps and the main cooperation manager, assess the contribution of your team as the best over the entire period of our operation in cooperating with a civil partner so far”.

The Avesco Group, particularly the Avesco Latvia’s team, expresses its gratitude to Rūdolfs Borhards for selflessness, initiative, boldness and performance. These actions prove Rūdolfs’ high requirements for himself, his work and work results, as well as the high-quality standards of our company. Thanks to the Avesco Latvia Cat Power systems team, which was involved in this important project and allowed Rūdolfs to undertake responsibility, plan the project and provide the service to the client in accordance with its needs. We express gratitude to Rūdolfs Borhards (Ventspils); Raivo Kristapsons (Ādaži), Edgars Eihvalds (Ādaži), Arnis Danieks (Ādaži) and the project team leader Kaspars Lāmanis-Jēgersons (Ventspils).